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Take a moment for yourself this Imbolc, Mama. Imbolc is a cross-quarter festival, marking the midpoint between the Solstice and the Equinox.  It’s a threshold time.  A time between time.  And in this way Imbolc can remind us...
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Rest without Guilt


Does this sound like you...

You're somewhere between very tired and full-on burnout and know you really need to do something about it but everyone else's needs always seem to shout loudest.

The words - me time - sound like a bad joke because you can't remember the last time you had some consistently.

When you do get a little bit of time to yourself you either don't know what to do with it because any rest feels like it'll barely touch the sides of what you need...

Or it feels too precious or pressured to the point it's anything but nourishing or restful.  It actually feels like a waste of time.

You make plans, set intentions, promise yourself you'll start taking more care of yourself, but then something comes up and it all falls apart leaving you feeling resentful.

You wish somebody - anybody - would give you permission to go and do that thing that will make you feel better but they never bloody do!

You feel either guilty, lazy, selfish or not enough for needing what you need to feel rested, nourished and resourced.

You're actually not sure you know what rested, nourished and resourced would look and feel like anymore.

But something has to change because you cannot carry on like this.
I know it feels like it can't change, but it can

Rest without Guilt


Why rest feels impossible

In your mothering days there are so many external reasons why rest and self care are difficult to access: Your children's needs, other peoples' needs, lack of childcare, lack of support, the physical load, juggling work outside and inside the house.
But did you know...
...Mums experience as many (if not more) inner blocks to rest?
From the mental and emotional load that makes any additional commitment overwhelming, even if that commitment is to tending your needs.

To beliefs you've developed over your entire lifetime about the value or necessity of rest and what your role as a woman and mother is.

Against a backdrop of good mother and supermum narratives pedalled throughout our culture.  Impossibly contradictory standards you'll never meet but still feel duty-bound to throw everything at.
Do you recognise any of these
as your own thoughts, beliefs, blocks or stories?
Barriers to rest
If you recognise these as messages you carry, you're in good company.  Our society doesn't value the normal human need for rest.  Seemingly even less so for women and mothers.
I want you to know that it's possible to change these inner stories that you're holding onto and it's important work because they are likely keeping you in exhaustion and overwhelm.

I want you to know that making rest and self care more accessible is possible.  And that by working with the inner blocks, the external barriers to rest become simpler to work around.

I want you to know that it's possible to reach a place where you feel... is safe for you to rest

The 'Rest without Guilt' coaching journey is for you if...

You know your relationship with rest needs to significantly change and though you wonder how it'll happen you're very ready to dig in
You need a supportive and safe place to unpack what's going on for you
You've made attempts at new choices and habits around rest before but you want the accountability and deeper shifts to make them stick this time
You're curious about what lies on the other side of a well-rested, well-supported you
You've totally had enough of putting yourself at the bottom of the list
You want to stop just existing and start living and you have a hunch that a better relationship with rest is the beginning

When it isn't for you...

If you're in crisis

Mama, whilst coaching can work well alongside therapy or medical care in many cases, if burnout has tipped you into a health crisis I would suggest you first seek help from a medical professional to tend to and stabilise your mental and/or physical health.  And I send you so much love xx

Rest without Guilt


What's included

WEEK 1:  Preparation week
I send you preparation questions to mull over and answer and we message back and forth a little so we're ready to dive in next week
WEEK 2:  A 90 minute coaching session
We meet for our first session where we get to know more about your relationship with rest, uncover some of the rest-related beliefs at play and begin to open up some ways forward
WEEK 3: integration, experimenting & support
This time between calls is important for processing, trying out some *things inspired by your session and seeing what could shift.  You'll have office hours support from me whenever you need via Whatsapp, Voxer or email.
Week 4: a 1 hour coaching session
We'll see how you've been doing, what else has come up, further untangle what's going on for you around rest and set you up for another week of gentle, compassion-filled experimenting.
WEEK 5: integration, experimenting & support
More rich composting.  Seeing what could be different, more supportive and more nourishing for you.  With office hours Whatsapp, Voxer and email support as you need.
Week 6: a 1 hour coaching session
These fortnightly sessions are perfect for digging into what's been happening in the past two weeks. We'll further sift through the layers and see how we can move you closer towards the relationship with rest you want.
WEEK 7: integration, experimenting & support
Space for more integration, experimenting and - hopefully by this point - more rest!  We call it experimenting because we make it light, doable, playful and compelling.  Figuring out a new way of taking care of your needs isn't always linear and we make tons of space for your journey to be what it needs to be.  Office hours support as before.
week 8:  a  half hour  follow-up
We meet to see how you're doing, wrap up our journey together and make sure you're well set-up to continue all your rich work from here on.  And we'll toast to a more rested you with our cups of tea!
Payment plans available

Just what you need?

let's get you booked in for a free virtual cuppa with me and we'll take it from there...
Book a virtual cuppa

And it's not just about rest

It's about reconnecting you with you.  Giving light and air to your wants and needs and understanding why it's feeling so difficult for you to get anywhere near them.  

Resting without guilt might look like sinking into the couch with your feet up in glorious peace and quiet or it might be more active forms of rest that call to you.  Taking some time to do the things that feed you in some important way. 

There's no prescriptive one-size-fits-all in this work we do together.  We focus on figuring out what you need to feel more sustained, rested and more wholly yourself.  And we seek to clear the way to a more nourished you.

Overwhelm friendly

This journey is co-created... be what you need.  And we work at a pace that feels ok for you being mindful of how you're feeling in yourself right now and what you have capacity for.

*Homework (for want of a better expression) is cooked up by us together.  Something inspired by your session that you want to sit with, experiment with, journal on, pay closer attention to.  We'll make sure it feels doable and something you want to do.  I might offer you journaling exercises or recorded meditations if they feel well-placed and you will always be in choice.
"I came to you unsure if it was possible for me to feel any differently about rest.  I've always been so hard on myself.  It was super emotional understanding why that is but it changed everything.  Having your support as I attempted to heal my relationship with rest (and myself really) has made all the difference.  You helped me find ways I could make changes in the right direction without stressing myself out.  I feel really very differently about rest and about myself now - and I'm taking so much better care of myself.  And of course, the thing I thought would take away from my family is actually benefitting them because I feel better in myself.  I can't ever thank you enough."

Emma Reynolds

Mama, I've got you...

Elevating your relationship with rest and self care is my catnip

I've had my own relationship with burnout, running on empty, over-doing and over-giving and I know the toll it can take.  I'm obsessed with helping women change their relationship with rest, self care, self trust and daily tending.

You are worthy of a life that feeds and sustains you.  Yes, even as a mother.  Especially as a mother.

Mothering is knackering a lot of the time but we must stop normalising over-giving, exhaustion and depletion in motherhood.  You are totally allowed to want something much better than this.

Let's see how much better it could get for you.
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Rest without Guilt


Think this might be the journey for you?

I'd love to walk it alongside you
Book in for a virtual cup of tea with me below.  We can make sure we're a good fit and this feels like the right coaching journey for you.
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If this coaching journey is calling to you, you’re so welcome to book in a no obligation, totally free, 20 minute chat with me.  We can talk about what you need and you can ask me all your questions about what working together would be like.

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