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Take a moment for yourself this Imbolc, Mama. Imbolc is a cross-quarter festival, marking the midpoint between the Solstice and the Equinox.  It’s a threshold time.  A time between time.  And in this way Imbolc can remind us...
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Magic awaits...
Join my 6-Month Women's Circle Journey for Connection, Holding & Supportive Sisterhood
Do you ever feel like you hold all the things for all your people and there aren’t enough places where you feel held yourself? As someone who holds others, you make sure your loved ones feel seen and heard but perhaps you don’t always have people around with the capacity to fully do that for you.

You give such a lot of yourself that you sometimes feel depleted. Your days feel full and you don’t always get the chance you’d love to stop and feel connected to you. Maybe you’re missing deeper conversations and connection with big-hearted women who feel things like you do.

It’s time for you to have a space which is nourishing and uplifting, supportive and inspiring. A space that honours all that you are and all that you give. A space where all of you is welcome and you feel nourished just by being here. A space which seeks to bring some magic into your world and fill you up.
is a 6-month nurturing women’s circle journey
I would love to have you join us!

I’ve dreamt up a space

and I think you’re going to love it…
A Supportive Space
where we as the holders of all the things and all the people get to feel held ourselves
A Welcoming Space
where we can come exactly as we are, no need to prove anything or be anything because we already belong and our presence is enough
A Safer Space
where we feel in good, safe hands. An ease-filled space where we breathe out and rest back into our bodies. A soft landing place for our wondrous tender hearts.
An Honest Space
where we can be with ourselves and each other. Seen and supported on this wild ride of mothering or taking care of others, whilst also trying to tend the flame within
A Circle Space
in which we find the kind of deeply, nourishing sense of sisterhood we've been missing for too long

What's here for you...

Imagine entering a soft (online) space filled with like-hearted women who are here for the very same things you’re here for – deep connection, holding and support – and so sit in absolute acceptance of what you bring and what you need.

Imagine, for a while at least, you can leave your responsibilities along with any masks you habitually feel obliged to wear at the door and take your (virtual) seat just as you are, knowing you already belong.

Imagine being warmly welcomed, witnessed and held with oodles of compassion, so that if you don’t always find it easy to do this with yourself here you’ll learn how

Imagine dedicated time and space to check-in with yourself, to be with how you feel and understand what you need to support you in whatever is present right now

Imagine feeling at home in a group of women – perhaps for the first time, if this hasn’t been so available to you in the past

Imagine knowing that all this is here for you as a constant. Whatever else unfolds over the next 6 months, this is your place to land

Invite in the Magic of Circles with Held
6 Months of Women's Circles that Nourish, Support & Inspire
What would it feel like to have a space that sees, hears and holds you? Join Held for a 6-month Circle Journey with a group of like-hearted women and experience the deep connections, space and support you've been longing for

We'll journey together through 6-months of nourishing women's circles, exploring self-reflective themes that will speak to your soul and help you invite even more beauty and magic into your life
What's inside

Welcome Circle

We begin this beautiful journey together with the warmest, most welcoming welcome circle!  We'll meet each other, settle right in and set intentions together for each of our unfolding journeys and this circle space we'll share

late jan  |  7.30pm UK  |  90 mins

Monthly Sharing Circles

Our main event each month in Held.  We gather in nurturing circle together, landing in our hearts and bodies, exploring our monthly theme and whatever is present for each of us.  Choose from two session times to suit your availability

Feb - Jul  |  12pm & 7.30pm uk  |  90 mins

Monthly Co-Journaling

Like co-working but a delicious date with our hearts & our journals.  We begin with a grounding practice and then choose between prompts to explore or your own journaling practice, with time to share and be witnessed before we close

Feb - Jul  |  12pm & 7.30pm uk  |  60 mins

Monthly Wisdom Fire

We gather round the metaphorical fire with our questions or areas of stuckness & invite our inner wise woman to come sit with us.  Not sure you have one?  Worry not, we use a supportive guided process to facillitate a connection to our collective inner wisdom

alternates between 12pm & 7.30pm each month

connection & support

Each month brings a new theme we explore together.  I'll add supportive resources like guided meditations, journal prompts & simple rituals to a growing library.  We'll have a space away from social media for connection & sharing

community space & resource library

Closing circle

We began with intention and we close in intentional circle to honour the journey we've been on together.  We reflect on our time in Held and how 6 months unfolded in our own lives, witnessing each other & our onward journeys

late jul  |  7.30pm uk  |  90 mins

Bonuses when you join early...
Join Held by the dates shown and enjoy these lovely gifts from me to you

Winter Solstice bundle

Carve out some nourishing time for yourself in the stillness of the Winter Solstice with this bundle including pre-recorded journaling workshop, solstice-inspired guided mediation and accompanying printable journal prompts

pre-recorded meditation & workshop
plus journal - join held by 20th Dec

'Root into the year' workshop

If you tend to feel the opposite of big, loud New Year energy, this is a workshop for you.  I'll share ways we can meet ourselves in our wintry hibernation and plant your roots in the year ahead in gentle, quiet ways that feed the soul

zoom workshop |  mid-jan date tbc
join held by 10th jan

Circle magic, heart medicine & regular dedicated time for you...
It's time you were seen, heard, witnessed, and held just as you are
Come join us and fill yourself back up

Lisa Mabberley

Hi, I'm Lisa Mabberley

Self-belief Coach for Women & Mums, Circle Holder & Retreat Host 
I love holding spaces where you can land back in your whole self. Spaces where you can be seen, heard, witnessed and held. Spaces where you can come as you are and leave feeling filled up or altered in some beautiful subtle but life-affirming way. I do this through 1:1 coaching, group workshops and circles

Held is my newest offering taking us on a 6 month journey of sitting in supportive, nourishing circle together. I cannot wait to walk this journey with the women who join - you? - and hold this space which I know is so needed

is for you if...

A nurturing women’s circle journey over 6 months sounds like just what you’d love for yourself right now
You feel it’s high time you had a space like this which supports you in taking nourishing time for yourself and where you can feel seen, heard, witnessed and held
You would relish being part of a community of like-hearts who bring their messy imperfection, their truth, their warm hearts, their feelings, their stories, experience, wisdom and laughter to this warm space we create together
You’re willing to play your part in co-creating a supportive and inclusive space where we are all held by each other in positive regard. A space where we hold what’s shared with respect, compassion and in confidentiality
You’d love more time and space to self-reflect, to meet yourself and be with what’s present for you – and you can attend at least one of our circles/sessions each month (Please note: you’re so welcome to attend as many as you want)
You’re willing to join our circles and calls with your camera on and speak when you feel called to share. Even if this feels a little stretchy you know it’ll be good for you to let yourself be seen, heard and witnessed in a gentle and supportive group such as this, where everyone is rooting for you
It feels like a good time to invite this kind of circle magic into your life

6 -Month Nurturing Women's Circle Journey
In creating a space where we can gather together in supportive, nurturing circle, I’ve wanted to create a little wiggle room in the pricing to honour (as best I can whilst still meeting my own needs) the different places we occupy...

The Main Price – self-explanatory, this is the level at which with a full house of wonderful people like you joining Held is a viable offering

Supported level – I’m offering 4 spaces at this supported price for those who need them. No criteria here, you’ll know if this makes it doable for you this time around. Additional supported spaces may become available if a number of people join at the supporting level (below)

Supporting level – if it feels good to you to help me offer the (above) supported spaces, this level does just that and you’ll have my deep gratitude for your support



in full


monthly X 6




in full


monthly X 6



in full


monthly X 6

Want to coach with me too?


If you'd love some coaching support alongside this circle journey, I have something for you.  Perhaps you're emerging from an intense time and want some one-to-one support to figure out what you want and need from your next chapter so you can begin moving towards it.  Maybe you know exactly what you want for yourself but lack of confidence and self-doubt are plaguing you.  Or perhaps you want to get better at valuing yourself and your needs


Currently the cheapest way to coach with me!


6-Month Nurturing Circle Journey

Welcome Circle

We begin this beautiful journey together with the warmest, most welcoming welcome circle! We'll meet each other, settle right in and set intentions together for each of our unfolding journeys and this circle space we'll share

Monthly Sharing Circle

Come just as you are each month to our intimate sharing circles, where in a supportive group of like-hearted women I’ll guide you to land in your body and into our space for a nourishing 90 minutes of reflection, honouring and being

Monthly Theme

Each month, in our sharing circles and community space we explore a different theme that resonates with our journeys as women, mothers & caretakers, inviting meaningful reflection and conversation in which we meet ourselves and each other

Monthly Co-Journaling

Whether you’re a seasoned journaler or complete beginner, join our co-journaling session for a beautiful hour with your own heart. I’ll guide us in with a grounding practice and you’ll choose between working with the shared prompts or sitting with your own journaling approach

Monthly Wisdom Fire

We gather round the metaphorical fire, bringing our inner questions or areas of stuckness. Through a supportive guided process we invite our inner wise woman energy to bring insights and collective wisdom - such a nourishing exploration

Community Space + Resources

Our online space (away from social media) where we can connect, share stories and stay in touch. Each month I’ll add supportive resources like guided mediations, journal prompts and simple rituals to a growing library

Closing Circle

We began with intention and we close in intentional circle to honour the journey we've been on together. We reflect on our time in Held and how 6 months unfolded in our own lives, witnessing each other & our onward journeys


Winter Solstice Bundle

Join held by 20th Dec + receive this
Carve out some nourishing time for yourself in the stillness of the Winter Solstice (or whenever you find the time!) with this bundle including pre-recorded journaling workshop, solstice-inspired guided meditation and printable journal prompts

'Root into the Year' Workshop

Join held by 20th Dec + receive this
Bag a place on my New Year workshop – perfect if you tend to begin the year in sleepy hibernation mode but still want to stake your claim and send down some roots for an intentional 2024
Circle magic, heart medicine & regular dedicated time for you...
It's time you were seen, heard, witnessed & held just as you are. Come join us and fill yourself back up

Lisa's hands holding a sparkler

Hi lovely one, I'm Lisa

Wholehearted Self-Belief Coach to Women and Mothers, Circle Holder & Retreat Host

I created Held – the 6-month nurturing women’s circle journey - because I know how needed a space like this is.  

I know how much you hold others and I know you don’t have enough places where you feel truly held yourself

I know you get by without many of the things you need – regular space and time just for you, headspace, heartspace, deep and wise gatherings of women, places that foster the wild and magical parts of you

I got by without all of this myself for too long and I now know I feel so much better when I have it

Circles have been a kind of medicine for me. The first I sat in was created by a friend and it came into my life when I needed it the most.

This circle was beautiful, affirming and supportive and it fed parts of me that until they were fed I hadn’t realised had been starved. This circle helped me to hear myself when life and motherhood were very loud. It gave me the profound experience of letting myself be seen and heard. It gave me the perspective to realise I wasn’t alone in my experiences.

I didn’t always find groups of women the safest place to be. They aren’t always. You feel it, don’t you. And this is how I trust myself to recognise the ones that are. Being in circles myself has taught me how to create safer spaces for women to be in together.

In our circles, we check in with ourselves and honor our emotions. We take the time and space to be with ourselves, away from the busyness and the constant demands of life. A circle is a nourishing experience that fills us back up, creating ripple effects into our wider lives

If you're feeling an inner yes to having this kind of space in your life, I hope you'll join me!

Come, be part of Held & let's weave magic together
You deserve to be seen, heard and held in all the beautiful ways


Is this only for Mums? (Hint: no)

Not exclusively, no.  Held is for women who hold others - be they mothers, caregivers or simply caring souls at any age or stage of life - providing a circle space and community where you can feel nourished and supported

Given my work in the motherhood space there will likely be a high proportion of Mums in the group so please consider whether this can feel like a comfortable and nurturing environment for you

You're so welcome to be in touch if you need help figuring out if Held is for you

When are the circles and other sessions?  I'm not sure I can make it to all of them

That's totally ok, you're not expected to.  There are three main types of circle / session each month and you can choose which time suits you best:  

the Monthly Sharing Circle - 2 options: Second Thurs of the month at 7.30pm UK & Second Fri of the month at 12pm UK

the Monthly Co-Journaling Session - 2 options: Third Thurs of the month at 7.30pm & Third Fri of the month at 12pm

the Monthly Wisdom Fire - on the last Thurs of the month, time alternates: one month 7.30pm UK, the next month 12pm UK

You're welcome to attend as many circles / sessions as you want to each month.  And if free time isn't easy to come by and you can only attend one session, prioritise the Monthly Sharing Circles since this is our main event

Are all circles virtual?  Are they recorded?

Yes, all circles and gatherings are virtual via zoom.  There are options each month for daytime and evening sessions (UK time) so the hope is it's accessible wherever you live

Virtual circles work really well, they make it possible for like-minds to come together from far and wide and in my experience none of the circle magic is lost through being online

Circles and sessions will not be recorded since these gatherings are not something to be watched from a distance but rather experienced by being part of.  We need you and your own personal magic in the (virtual) room ;-)

Can I join if I'm new to women's circles?

Yes, absolutely.  Whether you're new to circles or you're a seasoned circle-goer you are welcome to join Held and you will be made to feel so welcome

I get nervous in group settings, do I have to speak and share?

In circle you're encouraged to tend to your own needs.  Sometimes you'll have more to share than at other times and that is totally ok.  Feeling resistance around speaking in a group is natural if this isn't something you do lots of and I'm so happy to support you in finding comfort with this.  In this way, sharing in supportive circle can feel healing

If, however, you've no interest in finding confort with speaking in a group and prefer to not share at all, a circle might not be for you at this time

Groups of women haven't always felt safe for me, will this feel different?

It is a common experience to have felt unsafe in groups.  Many of us carry what's termed 'a sisterhood wound'. In my own experience, circles such as this tend to attract self-aware, wholehearted humans with heaps compassion for others.  That's certainly what I'm aiming for with the group that gathers for Held.

I am a trained circle holder and evidence-based, trauma-informed coach who takes psychological safety very seriously.  It is my intention to create and hold a safer, warm, supportive, inclusive and respectful group in Held.  However, I can't guarantee how you will feel in this group.

What themes will be explored during the 6 months of Held?

We will choose our monthly themes as a group.  I will curate options which speak to the energy of the month or season or draw upon inspiration that has emerged from the previous months' circles and put out a poll

Our themes will always be personally relatable and supportive to our wellbeing such as rest, nature connection, self-acceptance, sisterhood and others

I have another question or need...

I'm so happy to answer any questions you have - please feel welcome to book in a connection call with me or send me a message here

Read this far and it's feeling like a yes?
Come, be part of Held & let's weave magic together
© 2024 Lisa Mabberley
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