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These long nights and short days are not for everyone. I used to find the lack of daylight almost suffocating. But over the past handful of years I’ve found a deep love for the darkest days of the year. I wonder now how I got there...

I'm dreaming up a space...
A space where we - as the holders of all the things and all the people - get to feel held

A safe space where we breathe out and rest back into our bodies.  A soft landing place for our tender hearts.  An honest space where we can be with ourselves and each other.  Seen and supported on this wild ride of mothering or taking care of others, whilst also trying to tend the flame within

A circle space in which we find the kind of deeply, nourishing sense of sisterhood we've been missing for too long
will be a beautiful women's circle journey over a number of months... more details to come soon!

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Lisa Mabberley

Hi, I'm Lisa Mabberley

UK-based Self Belief Coach for Mums
I help women who are mothers overcome self doubt, listen to their hearts and breathe new life into themselves.  Through coaching, group programmes and retreats, I hold spaces for you to come exactly as you are, feel supported to honour your whole self and step into the wonder of you -  without stressing out your nervous system.
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