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December. Ah, season of twinkly lights, mince pies, massive long lists and over-giving. I approach it with both a glowy warmth in my chest and an anticipatory tightening somewhere in my gut. And I know lots of you do too. From mid-November I started seeing a ripple running through many of my client sessions. Or perhaps a clench would be more accurate...

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Lisa Mabberley

Hi, I'm Lisa Mabberley

UK-based Self Belief Coach for Mums
I help women who are mothers overcome self doubt, listen to their hearts and breathe new life into themselves.  Through coaching, group programmes and retreats, I hold spaces for you to come exactly as you are, feel supported to honour your whole self and step into the wonder of you -  without stressing out your nervous system.
"your thoughtful words always seem to reach me just when I need to hear them, they're like a warm hug from a friend - thank you"

Emma, lovely Mama in my email community

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