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These long nights and short days are not for everyone. I used to find the lack of daylight almost suffocating. But over the past handful of years I’ve found a deep love for the darkest days of the year. I wonder now how I got there...

Hi, I'm

Lisa Mabberley

Mum Coach, Self Belief Specialist and Supporter of Women

I help women who are Mothers get back in touch with who they are, what they need and what will make their big heart sing.

We work with themes of self doubt, self acceptance, self worth and self trust.  With tending to your body and your heart.  With building your belief in yourself.  With unfolding into a life that feels even more you.
Mother, Nurture & Wild

Hi, I'm
Lisa Mabberley

Mum Coach, Self Belief Specialist and Supporter of Women

I help women who are Mothers get back in touch with who they are, what they need and what will make their big heart sing.

We work with themes of self doubt, self acceptance, self worth and self trust.  With tending to your body and your heart.  With building your belief in yourself.  With unfolding into a life that feels even more you.

I love working with...

I love to work with Mums who are ready for a new season of their mothering and life. Women who are no longer wholly content with what is and are feeling the pull of what else there could be for them. 

I love to work with women who are done with being grounded by circumstance and stalled by self doubt. Women whose hearts hold whispers of what might light them up. Women who need the sacred space of time just for them – to be heard, to be seen, to tune into their insides. To sit compassionately with their self doubt and feel safe to expand their sense of who they are in the world. Women who need the support of a fellow Sister to figure out a new way of being.
Lisa Mabberley

In brief...

As a big-hearted, thoughtful and deep-feeling human, motherhood both made me and broke me at the very same time.  I have a hunch it's part of the point.  That in calling in our babies we re-birth ourselves, shedding old versions of us we no longer need.  And as our children grow we move through new season after new season, re-learning over and over who we are now.  Our journey revealing more ways to get ever closer to ourselves.  

If only we had more bloody time, space and support to make sense of it all!  I've found some spaces to do that in and continue to seek out more of those because, of course, I'm not finished by a long shot.  And while doing that good work within myself, I'm obsessed with creating room for other women walking this mad journey to make sense of their layers and move closer and closer to the beating heart of them.
Mother, Nurture & Wild
I trained and qualified as a Coach in 2004, working for a decade in corporate and career coaching before taking a motherhood break.  In 2020 I deepened my skills and capacity for this work through Sas Petherick’s Self Belief Coaching Academy, immersing myself in all things self doubt, self belief and trauma-informed, evidence-based coaching.  The best learning journey.

Mother, Nurture & Wild
I’m an INFJ, Enneagram 4 and a Generator in Human Design.  I have a Virgo sun, an Aries moon and Sagitarrius in the ascendant.  I both love what this stuff can show us and take all of it with a pinch of salt, leaving a ton of space to grow ever more into myself because people don’t belong in boxes.
Mother, Nurture & Wild
I love:  herbal tea on tap, all food (especially in good company), deep friendships with healing women, seasonal shifts (I’ll swear each one is my favourite), clean sheet night, belly laughs with my loves, sitting beside a fire, folk stories, early nights and morning snuggles, the complete alchemy of pottery-making, quiet alone time, walking amongst tree giants and this work I’m so happy to do.

Mother, Nurture & Wild
I grew up by the Kent coast and now live in beautiful Herefordshire.  You’ll usually find me in the wild places – deep in the woods or under a big sky, with a flask of tea.  And whenever I can, I answer the siren call of the sea.
Mother, Nurture & Wild
I'm Mum to two growing boys, a pheasant-obsessed spaniel called Raven and a tea-stealing cat called Fern - and wife to Paul.  An age ago we followed our guts and hearts and put our tender-hearted, outdoorsy boys in Steiner education.  A beautiful adventure for them and life-changing for us.  I wish I could go back and tell my scared-witless-at-choosing-a-different-path younger self she had this.
Mother, Nurture & Wild
I don’t love:  judgement (everyone is doing the best they can with where they are), waste, people being made to feel Other, all discrimination, children being treated as small adults, adults being treated as small children, dead shit my cat brings in, the damaging Superwoman myth and it’s perpetrator – the Patriarchy  #hexthepatriarchy

My story

I knew motherhood would change things a lot and I was ready.  I was also sure it couldn’t really surprise me.  My twenties had broken me open in all the ways (grief, relationships and training as a coach will do that for you) and I was convinced there wasn’t much more breaking open to be done.  Haha.  I was wrong.

Working Mum

Pre-baby I was working as a Corporate Coach.  Very masculine (patriarchal) environments but I loved bringing in the human element.  Post-baby the doors had been blown off my heart and I found I had no edges.  It made me a better Coach but I had zero ability to protect my energy in the hard corporate world.  I felt drained.
My head and heart did a lot of shouting at me and each other.  My body too.  I resisted a lot but it was inevitable.  Eventually, I followed my heart and took some time out.  

Stay at home Mum

‘Staying at home’ turned out to be anything but.  My toddler was outdoorsy (code for ‘only stopped crying when outside’) and my second son came along knowing nothing else but trees and sky.  Those years with little ones were exhausting and at the very same time they fed my soul in wonderful ways.  Something in me breathed all the way out. 
I will say it was confusing.  I never didn’t feel the pull of one path or the other.  When I worked it lit up parts of me that I later ached for.  As a SAHM I soaked up buckets of joy whilst seriously needing a bloody break.

The messy middle

My kids lived and breathed extremes.  They’d hurtle towards all danger they could find, scale trees and cliffs with no care for their safety but if I ever tried to leave them with another capable caring adult they’d cling to my legs like it would be the end of them.  And so my ‘career-break’ organically lengthened and by the time I could’ve ‘gone back’ I was such a different version of myself, I couldn’t have wanted anything less.
Deep down I always knew I’d return to coaching in some form but the path wasn’t clear yet.  Corporates were totally out.  I knew that.  As was the noughties version of Coaching which shouted ‘success’, ‘achievement’ and ‘push through’, tasting uncomfortably of disembodied capitalism.  It all needed to feel more human.

A  journey to Mother Wild

I’ve long understood that pushing and shoving myself into moulds created by others is the fastest route to unhappiness.  So rather than stare at the question to which I had no answer yet, I followed my curiosity.
Seeing so many Mamas with the deep need for a break, I wondered what that break could be.  A friend and I joked that we needed a bus full of comfy beds to drive around and collect all the exhausted, sleep-deprived and touched-out Mums for a rescue nap. 
During that time I found my rest outside often and supported my tired Self with all things natural.  I stumbled across a deep and nourishing Sisterhood that I had no idea I was missing.  Pulling together the threads of all that was sustaining me I began to weave the idea of Mother Wild – a Mums-only retreat in the wilds of Nature – into being.
Mother, Nurture & Wild
A few people were cross with me that they couldn’t bring their children and I worried I’d got it entirely wrong but with all of my being I knew it was needed.  Still, I couldn’t have imagined what those retreats would do.
They were beautiful and more powerful than I could’ve imagined.  Put a group of wholehearted women in a beautiful, earthy place, light the fire, hold the space while they breathe out and magic happens.  Mother Wild took on an energy all her own.  It was the greatest honour to host her.

and then we locked down

While everything paused I began to listen to the thing that niggled inside.  I’d seen this weekend retreat of mine create incredible shifts in women but I knew there was more to do.  More ways of supporting and holding space that went deeper and were even more accessible.

Full Circle

Soul-searching led me back to coaching.  As I dug back in I saw an industry that now contained more balance and nuance.  Time had allowed therapeutic practices and coaching to grow towards each other and for a lot of things I didn't like about it to fall away.  Something in me said ‘ah, it’s time’.
Late 2020, with some health challenges going on, I chose to pour all good stuff in.  That looked like many layers of nourishment and one of those was training with Sas Petherick in her first intake of the glorious Self Belief Coaching Academy.
I had always loved the work of Coaching but here I fell deeply and hard for it all over again.  

Retreats will always hold a special place in my work and my heart (at least they will when it feels the right time to re-start them), but women and mothers need many more spaces where they can feel held, seen, honoured and supported.
Through Mother, Nurture & Wild  I’m slowly (and sustainably – because no more burnout for me) creating what I know is needed.  In my coaching containers and in my future programmes.  They're not all ready yet, but they're coming soon...  and I can’t wait for them to meet you.
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