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December. Ah, season of twinkly lights, mince pies, massive long lists and over-giving. I approach it with both a glowy warmth in my chest and an anticipatory tightening somewhere in my gut. And I know lots of you do too. From mid-November I started seeing a ripple running through many of my client sessions. Or perhaps a clench would be more accurate...

A Year of You

Mama, let's get back to you
You know you’re in there somewhere but motherhood has taken up so much of you that you feel kind of diluted by it.

You doubt yourself, feel guilty doing anything for you and find it hard to lean into your hopes and dreams. Maybe you're not even sure what they are.

You miss parts of you from life before Motherhood and though you love parts of being a Mum you'd also love to feel more yourself.

It’s not sustainable to keep feeling this way and you so want your spark back.

You wonder if that's even possible...
lovely one, it is

A Year of You


Spacious, nourishing & supportive

I know you're tired.  I get that you're spent.  I know you've already spent a long time trying to figure out how you can feel better than you do now.  Here's something that might help...

A supportive and held journey, full of compassion, a space in your days that's just yours, with the sole purpose of helping you feel more yourself...


Together we cook up a way for you to have the break you need.  To breathe out, think whole thoughts, rest, and be with yourself.  And we have options...

We curate & plan the kind of at-home retreat that'll feel amazing, carving out some glorious alone time for you.  Or you make a complete break for it and retreat to the beautiful Herefordshire countryside for a nourishing, restorative few days all to yourself


During your retreat we'll get together for a spacious foundation session.  I will listen, see you and hold space for you whilst we find clarity over what you deeply need.

We'll walk an unhurried journey together over the year, meeting you where you are.  First looking for quick wins to see you feeling better sooner.  Then gently exploring all that's present and finding ways you can move towards how you'd love to feel in your life and motherhood.


By honouring what feels alive for you each time we coach together, you'll find yourself moving through layers.  Finding insights into yourself.  Taking doable steps.  Building your sense of self.  Changing and unfurling.

We'll be coaching together fortnightly for two months and then monthly for the rest of the year, with support from me between calls.  I'm fully in your corner for the whole journey.


Small incremental shifts will add up to a big difference in how you feel within your life and motherhood.  Without hurry or overwhelm, with buckets of compassion and understanding, step by step you'll begin to feel more like you again.

You'll feel so supported as we pour so much love into restoring you to yourself.

A journey of...

Restoring you
There’s a level of dilution and depletion in motherhood that simple ‘self care’ and ‘me time’ barely touch. Restoration is what’s needed. Through this slow and considered year-long journey we’ll seek gradually to restore you to yourself, whilst taking such great care of your nervous system
Reclaiming you
Motherhood is a wild ride and it makes so much sense that we lose parts of ourselves along the way. But they’re not gone forever. Through this unfolding coaching process you’ll start to wake up your missing parts and call them back in. You’ll reclaim a strong sense of Self and begin feeling like you belong to you again
Compassion for you
Love, we’re going to put the stick down and remember that humans are not required to be superhuman and you are enough. Just as you are. Understanding your doubting self-talk will help you find an alternative inner voice to lean into. One that’s super-kind, wise and full to the brim of self-compassion
Feeling whole again
Though you may feel a bit broken at times, you’re not broken, lovely. You’re a whole human, raising a wonderful family in a world that doesn’t always feel kind to Mothers. As step-by-baby-step you return home to yourself, you’ll learn to trust the wholeness and absolute wonder of you. And then let’s see all that’s possible…

This is for you when... know you’re in there somewhere but you’re not sure how well you know yourself these days. You long for a strong sense of who you are and what you want for yourself
you’re feeling sad about missing parts of yourself from pre-motherhood days and you want to reclaim them, even if you don’t quite know how
Motherhood changed you and you’re not altogether unhappy about that but it’s making decisions or next steps hard to figure out when you’re not totally sure who you are and how you feel about things now
you’ve been stuck in a cycle of giving more than you have to spare and it’s time to change that before things completely unravel
you’ve been feeling a mounting frustration for some time and need to bust out of the narrow space you’re in to move in the direction of some stuff you’ve been longing for - even if you’re not entirely clear on what that is
your focus is beginning to shift from largely being on your family to what else you can do with your one wild and precious life but that question of what feels overwhelming because you don’t know yet
you have decisions to make over the next year and everything feels scattered and unclear, such that you don’t trust yourself to make the right choices
you’ve been on autopilot for a good while and it was what you needed to get through but it feels time to start choosing the life you want and living your days on purpose
you’re walking into a new phase of motherhood and life and it's time you had the supported you need as you bring your hopes and dreams to life
your needs have been pushed to the back of a seemingly endless queue for far too long and it’s time to take care of you – despite the uncertainty and mum-guilt that brings up
you’re pretty sure your spark must be buried under a pile of laundry but no matter how many loads you put on you can’t seem to find it and you miss it sorely
you’re heading for burnout because you don’t feel able to rest or take the time you need to catch your breath. You long for dedicated, regular space and time to help you return to yourself and begin filling back up
you’re ready to dive into your emotions, your feelings, your wants and needs, your hopes and dreams in order to figure out how things need to be for you to feel better in your life, your motherhood and in yourself
If one or more of these describe where you are...
A Year of You
might be the support you need
This isn't for you just now if...
~ You’re in crisis. When your physical or mental health is in crisis there's no substitute for professional medical help. Once you’ve found solid ground again, coaching may be a good next step on your journey back to you, but it’s essential to find stability for your health first

~ You’re not ready to explore your emotions and feelings and try out new ways of being in order to begin feeling better in yourself

~ Investing in this support will put you & your family in financial hardship

A Year of You

Image of a woman in silhouette against the sun rise with words 'self belief, self nurture, claming space, sense of self, overcoming mum-guilt, self-talk, self worth, self acceptance, self trust, spark' on the background around her

A year-long journey

So much space, time and support to help you:
be with how you’re feeling and what needs to change for you to feel better
find clarity where there is currently fog
understand what you need to fill up your reserves
overcome blocks to take beautiful care of you
reclaim your edges – the places where you end and your lovely ones begin, so often blurred in motherhood
listen to the calls of your body and the whispers of your heart
hold space for your thoughts, your hopes and your dreams (maybe it’s been a while since you could pin them down)
understand and befriend the self-doubt and mum-guilt patterns keeping you from what will light you up
tune into your intuition and begin trusting yourself more
stand by your instincts and advocate for yourself where you need to
walk yourself home to a way of living that feels even more fully you
It's your turn to have the
you need

A Year of You


Two retreat options

We begin with some time out for you, during which we'll meet for your foundation session - and there are options...
Image of journals and a mug on a crumpled bed by Annie Spratt via Unsplash


Need a break but don't want to travel?  Let's carve out time for you at home.  I'll ask about what would feel really good for you and offer suggestions (if you want them) so you can create the space that really supports you

This will include our foundation session on zoom and you might also want to add in:
Time outside in nature
Guided breathwork,

meditation or movement
Nourishing food
Journaling or quiet 

reflection time
Something creative or
Foundation session 
included in package

to Herefordshire

Or do you long for a complete break?  I know just the place!  Nestled in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside is the Dragon's Gate, home to three cosy, luxurious cabins with jaw-dropping views.  A place for peace, breathing out and coming back to yourself

I'll visit for an in-person foundation session and the rest of the time you can:
Gaze at the epic view from your 
personal hot tub or outdoor bath
Rest, nap, read & journal
Walk & explore the Golden Valley
on your doorstep
Light your fire pit & think
whole thoughts
Accommodation at
additional cost*
*2023 prices £230-310
for 2 nights

you had me at retreat...

Come sink back into yourself

in beautiful Herefordshire


Choose between three beautiful cabins situated on the brow of a hill over-looking rolling farmland, fields and woodland in the Monnow Valley, with specatular views over to the Black Mountains.


Rest in your king size bed, read on your chaise and take long undisturbed showers in your en-suite.  Watch the birds surfing the valley thermals while you eat on your deck, walk a little if you want to and then soak up the sunset from your wood-fired hot-tub or outdoor bath.


I've found no better place to invite that full exhale, let the body rest and the mind settle.  If nature is your thing, you could simply gaze at the epic view from your cabin at the Dragon's Gate, Garway for three days and let it begin to re-fill you.
Accommodation is booked direct and is an additional cost.  2023 prices range from £230-310 for 2 nights self-catering

A Year of You

I'll help you plan either
A nourishing virtual retreat
A wondrous solo retreat in herefordshire*
includes a 2 hour foundation session with me, either on zoom or at the retreat
*Accommodation & travel are at your own additional cost
fortnightly coaching sessions for the first two months
4 x fortnightly sessions of 1 hour on zoom
monthly coaching sessions for the rest of the year
10 x monthly sessions of 1 hour on zoom
fortnightly voice note check-ins between calls
Access to all my tools & resources
I'll offer things up as needed.  Plus you can attend any workshops I run in the year
My office hours support for your questions, wonders, wobbles or triumphs in between
We co-create this space to be exactly what you need, reviewing as we go
an intentional closing call
We'll take some time to celebrate your journey and how far you’ve come.  Option to make this part of an end of year retreat if you want to book-end your year
Your investment:
one payment
per month
12 payments

Book a connection call

to see if this is right for you and start making a plan
Let's talk

Spaces opening in Spring!

Be first to hear when spaces open up for A Year of You
Register your interest

This is your journey

I want you to know this journey is unequivocally yours and together we’ll make sure it unfolds as you need it to. Each step along the way we’ll meet you exactly where you are and be with whatever will feel most supportive for you in that moment. We’ll unearth your truths and uncover ways you can find movement in the direction of where you long to be.

There is no hurry. No rush. You don’t need to know all the answers. You don’t need to know the next step or even what the destination is. We’ll move at your pace, sway to your rhythm, figuring it all out as we go, without overwhelming you or stressing out your nervous system.

You’ll be held in unconditional positive regard. And all of you is welcome just exactly as you are.

your journey, your year

let's restore you to yourself

A Year of You


Sounds like a good fit?

Let's book in a virtual cuppa together
I want this to feel completely right for you and be sure we're a good fit to work together, plus answer all the questions you have about undertaking this journey with me.

So let's fix a time when we can talk...

your journey, your year

let's restore you to yourself

Mama, I've got you...

I love working 1:1 with my clients & you're in safe hands

I'm a qualified and accredited Coach (twice over) with more than a decade of experience.  I study self doubt and specialise in helping you both befriend your inner voice and build your belief in yourself as you seek to make life feel more fully YOU.

My approach is deeply compassionate, evidence-based and trauma-informed.  I'm a champion of women and mothers, playing my part in working to change the narrative that keeps us in struggle.

I believe the most effective coaches are committed to their own work and I seek out therapy and coaching whenever I need. 
More about Lisa
Mother, Nurture & Wild

A note from Lisa...

I know you’re wondering if you can even begin to fathom how to make space for this...
The idea of having someone in your corner - seeing you, hearing you, supporting you - sounds wonderful but when you struggle to take a moment to yourself anyway, how will making space for this journey be possible? And how will you have the energy to engage with it when you’re just so spent right now?

Perhaps you’re doubting whether it’s ok to spend this time and money on you, wondering if you’re worthy of this. Maybe you’re thinking ‘heck, shouldn’t I be able to figure all this out on my own?’

I get it. I’ve been there too. Second-guessing myself. Judging myself. Questioning whether it’s ok to want something that will help me. And this is why I created A Year of You.
Lovely, you are worthy of so much more than living off the scraps of life. You're worthy of whatever you need to feel like you again.

Often the one thing that will help ensure that you do at last have some time and space for you is to commit to something that requires you to show up for yourself on a regular basis.

I won’t lie. To begin with that may feel tricky. There may be some negotiating needed. Because everyone you take care of is so used to you not taking time out for you, it will feel stretchy. And very quickly it will also feel good.

You’ll see your loves adapt to this new normal. How they begin to support your time out. How you go back to them with a different energy.
It won’t be long before this small regular commitment to being with yourself in this way begins to grow roots. How the benefit of it starts to show up in lots of tiny and then bigger ways.

You’ll tell me with pure joy one day about how you made this choice or did this thing that you couldn’t even have contemplated before. I’ll see more and more glimpses of you in your fullness and we’ll both happy-dance over it.

Lovely, it may feel super hard now to gift yourself this space and this support and I want you to know you’re so worthy of whatever you need to feel more you. Everyone benefits and even if they didn’t, you would still be worthy of it.

You're worthy of whatever it takes to

feel more yourself

A Year of You

Image of an umbrel of cow parsley by Kate Cullen via Unsplash

What we can work with...

Your journey will be unique to you. We'll figure out what you need at each turn, so see this not as a map or list to tick off, but an ever-evolving buffet of options

I’ll help you reach for what feels right for you
How you take care of and nourish your body, heart and soul in motherhood, when it feels like your own care is rarely the priority and everything else is shouting louder
Goals & dreams
What kind of life you want to create for yourself, what’s important to you, what's driving you and what's making you feel alive.  Your heart's whispers and your deep desires.
Sense of self
Reconnecting with and embracing all the many parts of you. Acknowledging your needs and emotions. Seeing you contain multitudes. And if there are parts of you that got buried or went for a long nap this is where we reclaim and love on them
Self worth
Owning your experience and discerning what is and isn’t ok with you. Recognising how much you matter. Advocating for you. Growing boundaries and keeping promises to yourself
Choices & trust
Establishing a powerful sense of your yes and your no. Remembering you are always in choice. Coming to trust in your intuition and inner wise woman
Self talk
Understanding your inner voice of judgement, criticism and doubt – what it’s here for and how you can befriend it. Finding a connection to an alternative compassionate inner voice that will support you whatever is happening in life

Your Journey, Your Year

let's return you to yourself


Is A Year of You always available?

Spaces are very limited for A Year of You each year.  There will be two or three times in the year when bookings will open.  When spaces are full you'll be able to sign-up to the waiting list to be notified when doors open again.

If I'd like the in-person retreat, how do we go about scheduling this?

Once we've initially spoken and you've decided to book in for A Year of You we'll be in touch to figure out the finer details.  Since I take only a small number of people per year for this level of support, I have plenty of flexibility around when I can visit you at your retreat for our in-person foundation session.  Weekdays or weekends are usually doable with prior arrangement.

You'll check availability for your preferred dates with the Dragon's Gate, Garway and then check with me that I'm available, before booking yourself in.  You'll then be in touch with your hosts for any questions about your stay with them.

Can the in-person retreat be taken at any time of year?

The cabins at the Dragon's Gate, Garway (Herefordshire) are insulated and heated, with both kitchen and bathrooms facilities inside, making them an ideal retreat throughout the year.

Providing they (and I) have availability, the in-person retreat is a year-round option.  That said, I will be intentional around the times of year I open bookings for A Year of You.

Can I get to the in-person retreat location via public trasnport?

Hereford Train Station is the closest and has good rail connections.  It is possible to travel by bus from Hereford to Garway but services are limited (and rather slow because: deepest countryside).  A taxi would take approx. 30 mins.

Does it matter what stage of motherhood or life I'm in or how old my kids are?

Not in the slightest.  Whatever age, phase or stage you are when you feel you need this kind of support is the perfect time to seek it.  And there's no such thing as 'I should have all this figured out by now' just as there's no 'too late', 'too young', 'too old' or 'not worthy enough'.  I've worked with mothers of little ones all the way up to mothers of grown-up children. If this speaks to you, you're so welcome to book a call and see if this is for you.

When will my coaching sessions be?

We will figure this out when we speak, but for reference my current coaching days are Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays during office hours plus an early evening on a Thursday.  Other times are available outside of these times upon request, including limited slots at the weekend.

I'm in the UK and work with clients in other times zones from time to time.  We can usually figure out times that suit us both.

You're welcome to schedule your sessions with me as we go or block-book a season at a time so they're fixed in your diary.

Are other options for retreat accommodation and/or locations available?

If for any reason you need something different to the suggested retreat accommodation, you're so welcome to discuss this with me and I'll help with recommendations if I can.  For in-person foundation sessions I prefer to limit the location to 30-40 mins away from my home in Herefordshire. There are many options in these beautiful surroundings, plus one or two in Hereford itself if you prefer city hubbub to rural peace and quiet.

If you love the idea of a retreat away from home at the beginning of this journey but can't travel to Herefordshire, you might consider finding somewhere doable for you and we can have your foundation session on zoom.

I have another question or need...

I'm so happy to answer any questions you have or consider how your specific needs can be met - please feel welcome to book in a connection call with me or send me a message here

A Year of You


Ready to book?

Great, let's do this, lovely!
We'll have a free initial call, talk about all the things and begin making a beautiful plan for this year of you...

your journey, your year

let's restore you to yourself

© 2024 Lisa Mabberley
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