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Take a moment for yourself this Imbolc, Mama. Imbolc is a cross-quarter festival, marking the midpoint between the Solstice and the Equinox.  It’s a threshold time.  A time between time.  And in this way Imbolc can remind us...
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The Mama Journal

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A return to blogging

I've noticed that as social media gets noisier with it's reels and video, I'm seeking out the quieter online spaces for visual and mental exhale. I do love the connection and (entirely free) visibility of Insta but I also love the restfulness of sinking into stills and words that don't move.

I've had a couple of sporadic blogging adventures in the past and never quite got into the plentiful flow of posts I'd hoped for. Might have had something to do with having small ones around me always or madly attempting it during the first year of a pandemic!

These days I have a bit more of what I lacked then: child-free time and headspace. And with where my work has taken me there's a lot I want to share.

So you find me at the beginning of an experiment, loves.

I'm calling it a journal because it feels like journaling out loud. I'm excited to write more long form pieces to explore thoughts that interest me and you, share the themes of my work with Mums navigating self doubt and reclaiming space for themselves, show you some behind-the-scenes stuff in my own life and business and have a permanent home (which can't be erased overnight by insta account hackers) for the things I think might help Mums at different points of this crazy journey of mothering and living.

If there's anything you've seen me talking about on here or social media that you want me to expand on, you're always drop me a note. Or if you have any questions you want me to answer, I'm here for that.

Let's see where this experiment takes us. I hope you'll follow along x

April 26, 2022

Self Doubt & Self Belief

The beginnings of a collection of my thoughts, experience of working with and my own personal journey with Self Doubt and Self Belief

Self Care & Self Honouring

All things self-care in the deep, nourishing sense of the word.  How we honour our whole selves as women & mothers

Seasonal & Wild

A collection of my writing on seasonal rhythms, festivals and connection to the more-than-human world .  And the wild inside of us

Books & Inspiration

Somewhere for the words sparked by beloved books to live, along with other seeds of inspiration that might stir something in you as in me
Behind-the Scenes
Where I periodically share what's happening in my life and business
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Hi, I'm Lisa

Coach for Mums, Self Belief Specialist, Self-Care Advocate, Re-wilder and Supporter of Women

I write here about the messy experience of being a human, a woman and a mother in a patriarchal world, with all the layers of self doubt, confusion, mental load and disconnection to Self that can bring.  I write about how I navigate my own journey and how I work with these themes with the women I coach.  I weave in all that inspires me along with some of the practices, habits and choices that keep me rooted to the Earth and tethered to my whole and wild Self.

You can read more about me and my work here:
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